Free Download: Paper Crows Cover Kate Bush – Cloudbusting

21 Dec

While the majority of music critics fell over themselves to praise Kate Bush’s first new album in forever to the hilt and shoe-horn it into end of year lists, we were left more than a little underwhelmed. It is true to say that like most, we were very excited by the prospect of new material from Ms Bush, so much so that we originally overlooked the frankly ridiculous premise and execution of lead track, “Wild Man” and allowed it to make us even more excited for what 50 Words For Snow had in store. Ultimately the delivered album felt like a letdown and a major disappointment. Yes, there are many that will disagree (we can hear the emails being typed out as we speak) but there you go.

Thankfully salvation is at hand, not from Ms Bush herself, but from London-based goth-pop duo, Paper Crows, who have taken it upon themselves to remind us of how good she could be by releasing their haunting cover of “Cloudbusting” as a free download. The track has been kicking around online for ages but that should not detract from its quality. Emma Panas’ ethereal, icy vocal is a lovely and surprising contrast to Bush’s warm, rich voice and the addition of Bjork’s drums from “Human Behaviour” actually sits perfectly underneath it all.

You can stream the track below and if you love it, which hopefully you will, you can download it for free from the bands website.

One Response to “Free Download: Paper Crows Cover Kate Bush – Cloudbusting”

  1. name not supplied December 25, 2011 at 20:47 #

    i like this, its really nice…but i see Calvin Harris getting hold of it and it’ll be all over San Antonio next July and we wont recognize it.

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