Listen: New ILLUMINATOR Single – “Gulf Hymn”

5 Jan

Last week, we wrote about the new single from one of our favourite new bands, Conveyor. As we noted at the time, the single (“Mukraker”) is to be released on a split 7”, and we are pleased that we can now share with you the flip side.

“Gulf Hymn” is the new track from fellow Brooklynites, ILLUMINATOR, who will also be appearing live tonight on the same bill as Conveyor at the Glasslands Gallery, Brooklyn. These guys describe their music as being, electronic experimental progressive psychedelic gospel indie. Now you might be forgiven for thinking, ‘damn, sounds to me like there is a hell of a lot going on there’ and to be honest, you’d be right. But not in a bad way.

This is undoubtedly a song that is crammed full of ideas and thoughts. It bustle and busies its way across a number of styles, and even embraces different forms of metre from verse to verse. Like the musical personification of a molecular gastronomist, ILLUMINATOR has combined numerous disparate elements to create a remarkable whole. Sparse organ sounds and near a cappella vocals give way to a wave of psychedelic electronic and, incredibly, what sounds like very R Kelly inspired gospel harmonies. From then on in you are hit with wave after wave of sound, to the extent that it almost feels as though your senses are under attack. It’s really quite fun.

The band plan to release another full album later in the year, in the meantime you can stream “Gulf Hymn” here and check out more of their music via the links below.

Connect with ILLUMINATOR.



One Response to “Listen: New ILLUMINATOR Single – “Gulf Hymn””

  1. name not supplied January 8, 2012 at 16:50 #

    now i realise i know nothing about music. that is all.

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