Watch: Hoodlums New Video – “Dark Horses”

19 Jan

We here at Alphabet Bands are pretty much predisposed to liking indie-pop so, that the forthcoming second single from Hoodlums has been warmly received in the office, is about as big a surprise as Lady Gaga wearing something outrageous.

Mind you, even if “Dark Horses” was rubbish (which it isn’t) we’d still be inclined to go digging around for more of their music. Well, when a band has a front man called Lou Vainglorious and cites Cocteau Twins, The Stooges, Queen and even Notorious B.I.G. as influences, you kind of have to really.

The single is out on 30 Jan via Blow The Whistle Recordings and you can watch the video below. It’s a nice video. We don’t really know what is going on but there are some lovely shots of the band running through a forest, playing with smoke bombs and looking very much like you’d expect a band to look whilst mucking around amongst the woodland. Check it out and, if you’re in London on 9 Feb, head on over to The Wilmington Arms for the single release party.

Connect with Hoodlums.


One Response to “Watch: Hoodlums New Video – “Dark Horses””

  1. Name (required) January 22, 2012 at 01:18 #

    The singer has got one of those “where’ve I heard you before” voices…the track sounds experienced and uber-cool. i quite like these.

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