Review: Cheyenne Marie Mize – We Don’t Need EP

24 Jan

You’d be forgiven for approaching any release where the artist themselves says “the songs … are meant to be digested individually more than as continuous parts of a complete whole” with some degree of trepidation. However, while Cheyenne Marie Mize is correct in her assertion that each track on her latest EP, We Don’t Needhas its own character and will likely be enjoyed in different mental states“, any suggestion that the six songs don’t hang together as a collected whole does a disservice to her song writing and musical accomplishment.

Such is the variety on offer here, that if we were to attach We Don’t Need to some form of electronic device that measured tempo, or speed, a speedometer perhaps, then the needle would be flying back and forth like crazy. The EP begins with “Wishing Well”, a fast paced percussion and vocals only track that had this reviewer’s foot stamping the floor like a failed Stomp auditionee; before moving immediately into the sombre, funereal “Call Me Beautiful”. Sure, a rest is required after all that foot stamping but you are left unprepared for Cheyenne’s haunting Beth Gibbons-esque vocals and the deliciously dark, gothic sensibilities.

From then on the tempo picks right back up again with the dance-a-riffic swing-a-thon of “Going Under” before finally settling down on the more moderate “Keep It” and “It Lingers”, ultimately coming to rest on the gentle instrumentals of closer, “Back Around”.

She has a wonderful voice and a real talent for drawing the listener into the music, which is especially impressive given the disparate musical styles and tones on offer. As Cheyenne herself says, “As a whole, We Don’t Need is surely eclectic, but each part gives a little taste of the things to come…”. If what is to come can maintain this level of quality then Cheyenne may be in for quite an exciting year.

“We Don’t Need is out now on Yep Roc and American fans can catch Cheyenne on tour on the following dates:

January 25 – Schubas – Chicago, IL
January 27 – Cosmic Charlie’s – Lexington, KY
January 28 – Headliners – Louisville, KY
February 8 – MOTR Pub – Cincinnati, OH
February 9 – The Bishop – Bloomington, IN
February 10 – White Rabbit Cabaret – Indianapolis, IN

If you still want more, you can find her previous releases over on bandcamp, like her Facebook page or check out her official website.


One Response to “Review: Cheyenne Marie Mize – We Don’t Need EP”

  1. name not supplied February 1, 2012 at 19:20 #

    that track you’ve put in there.
    Its quite folksy and i dont mean in a jam-making, wheat skirt wearing way…its not too folksy with the lummi sticks or whatever they are, i like it i think.

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