In Pictures: Jodie Marie & Bos Angeles at the Camden Barfly

30 Jan

The Guardian’s New Band of the Day column has been going for five strong years now, and it was a surprise it took them this long to translate that success into a live event. Following last year’s “pilot” event in a pub in Kings Cross, six acts were brought together to play at the Camden Barfly. The two acts that caught my ear (or should that be eye?) were singer/songwriter Jodie Marie and Bournemouth three piece, Bos Angeles.

Jodie has released a couple of singles on Verve/Decca so far and has an album in the pipeline for later in 2012. Forthcoming single, “I Got You”, has been selected as Radio 2 Single of the Week, which gives you a clue as to the demographic she most appeals too. After the huge success of female solo artists over the last 12 months, I see no reason why Jodie cannot grab some of that for herself.




Admittedly, I think the name is truly terrible, but there is something curious about Bos Angeles that makes me want to keep an eye on their progress. It’s a surprising mix of beach/surf scuzz and Manchester gloom. Still very much in their formative stages as a band, they just need the stage presence and personality to match their already formidable set of songs.





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