Wednesday Evening Earworm

8 Feb

We’ve had a couple of tracks, very different tracks in fact, buzzing around our collective brain today. So we thought we’d share, and let you all enjoy them as well. We may even make this a regular feature, depending on how many songs attack our cranium each week.

First up, we head back to 2010 for the debut single by electro indie group, Morning Parade. We’ve been annoying the hell out of friends, family and colleagues all day while making the most of Spotify’s exclusive early stream of their debut album, and tapping out the beat to “Under The Stars”.

Next up, is the second track from Sharon Van Etten’s latest album, Tramp. “Give Out” is simple, melodic, haunting, vocally rich and gently insistent in the way it swirls around your skull. Tramp is already being touted by many as a potential album of the year, so check out this track and see what you think.

One Response to “Wednesday Evening Earworm”

  1. name not supplied February 20, 2012 at 14:55 #

    Liked both these tracks, seen Morning Parade so I liked them anyways, Give Out is a folksy sounding thing without it being annoying……

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