Free Download: The T2s – “Into You”

9 Feb

To avoid confusion, when we say The T2s, we are talking not of the hip-hop group Threat 2 Society (who are sometimes known by this abbreviation), but of a collective of like minded musicians who came together at the Red Bull Music Academy to make a chilled out disco delight.

The blurb says it’s a “sizzling disco monster created by a seven-headed international dream team consisting of Nick Hook (Cubic Zirconia, USA), Ronika (UK), Marco Passarani (ITA), Dorian Concept (AUT), Jivraj Singh (IND), SALVA (USA), Doc Daneeka (UK). Group dynamics don’t get more die-cast than this,” and to paraphrase Jerry Maguire, you had us at Ronika

The track itself is a relaxed piece of disco heaven with a heady mix of groovetacular bass lines, beats keys and Ronika’s soft vocals tinged with just a hint of heartbreak. Check it out below and if you dig it, and you really will, head on over to Soundcloud for your free download.

2 Responses to “Free Download: The T2s – “Into You””

  1. name not supplied February 20, 2012 at 14:49 #

    Yes, this is well cool. This is gonna be a ‘club classic’

    • BABOON June 16, 2014 at 18:13 #

      love Ronika

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