Free Downloads from The Good Natured & Exlovers

14 Feb

It’s Valentine’s day, which means loved ones are hurriedly buying last minute gifts for other loved ones, knowing that if they forget again, they could well cease to be loved ones soon (this is supposed to be an humourous analogy by the way, not representative of real life). The best gifts on Valentine’s day are the ones you weren’t expecting and amongst the many bands who have offered free downloads today, these two unexpected gems really stand out.

“Raindrops” by The Good Natured stands out, not because we expect them to be anything less than great, but because it is a departure from the high energy power pop they usually put out. In fact, “Raindrops” is anything but high energy. The track, which was made available today on the band’s Facebook page, is slow, atmospheric, remorseful and overflowing with heartbreak. It swirls like mist across an autumn field at daybreak; the wrought emotional breathing buried within and the ice cold vocal send shivers up and down your spine. It is beautiful, just beautiful.

Take a listen below and head over to Soundcloud for the free download.

There was a mini craze a while back, where a number of musicians recorded cover versions of the Chris Issak classic, “Wicked Game”. We don’t quite recall what started the craze but it was a heck of a lot more fun and interesting than planking. Anyway, one of the bands to cover the track was Exlovers, who recorded it whilst working on their forthcoming album, Moth (to be released on the Young & Lost Club label on 14 May 2012). We are suckers for a bit of “Wicked Game” and really dig this version, which is even more stripped down than the original and even manages to give it a slight Gothic feel.

Take a listen below and check out Soundcloud for the free download.


One Response to “Free Downloads from The Good Natured & Exlovers”

  1. name not supplied February 20, 2012 at 14:35 #

    That first one is very slow and sad, its soft. very nice. and who doesnt like a bit of chris issak?!

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