Watch: Blood Orange – “Forget It”

15 Feb

We love Blood Orange, you don’t even need to look back at our albums of 2011 feature to know that. So naturally, we look forward to anything new from Mr Dev Hynes and, in lieu of new tracks, a new video is good enough.

We’re not sure if releasing a video that shows Dev clearly loving his guitar more than his intended date (not like that, perverts) on Valentine’s day was an intentional piece of irony or not, but we love it. We also love the fact that he puts down the guitar just as the Prince-eque solo kicks in, and brushes his teeth instead.

Check it out below.

One Response to “Watch: Blood Orange – “Forget It””

  1. name not supplied February 20, 2012 at 14:27 #

    So THIS is what you guys are doing while WE are waiting for you!!
    no wonder she shuts the door in his face!
    I liked the song too 🙂

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