Listen: Stout Cortez – “Berliner”

22 Feb

Its not often these days that you come across an artist inspired by a 19th Century romantic poet, yet here we are. Named in reference to the Keats poem “On First Looking into Chapman’s Homer”, Stout Cortez (when with eagle eyes, He star’d at the Pacific) is the brainchild of New Haven based maker of ‘avant electronic indie pop’, Justin Hunter Scott.

His new single, which was produced by Bryn Bellomy of Illuminator fame, was released on 26 January. The vocals, especially the backing vocals, give it a worldly feel. Drawn from within the earth as a counterpoint to the soaring extraterrestrial soundscapes. The synths swirl like galaxies around you as you streak across the night sky in this electro pop rocket ship, supernovae exploding as you approach.

You can stream the track below and check it out for yourselves, prepare to jump to lightspeed.

One Response to “Listen: Stout Cortez – “Berliner””

  1. name not supplied March 6, 2012 at 20:43 #

    This is quite ‘chill out Ibiza’ in places, well that’s the scene i picture…which is not as pleasant as your Trek picture you painted here 🙂

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