Watch: New Spring Offensive Video – “Carrier”

25 Feb

Oxford has a rich history of producing quality music and the latest band to emerge from the UK’s education epicentre is Spring Offensive. The guys are getting ready to hit the road and if you scroll down you can find out when and where you will be able to catch them.

Before that though, you should check out their brand new video for the soft and emotive track, “Carrier”. It’s a lovely little number and the video is similarly haunting and melancholic, it’s also a B side. That’s right, it’s not even the main focus of their forthcoming release; that would be the more upbeat and sharp single, “Worry Fill My Heart”, which is out on 17 March.

Spring Offensive Live Dates

16th – The End, Birmingham
29th – Electricity Showrooms, London
30th – The Green Door Store, Brighton
31st – Secret Location, Oxford

01st – The Castle Hotel, Manchester
02nd – SOYO, Sheffield
03rd – The Head of Steam, Newcastle
04th – The Shipping Forecast, Liverpool
05th – Gwdihw, Cardiff
10th – Schon Schön, Mainz
11th – MUZ, Nurnberg
12th – Häll, Heidelberg
13th – Parterre, Basel

2 Responses to “Watch: New Spring Offensive Video – “Carrier””

  1. name not supplied March 6, 2012 at 20:58 #

    what a great video, very sad too…


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