Free Download: Pevin Kinel – “Dusty”

27 Feb

Those amongst you who you follow us on Twitter will recall that mention has been made, once or twice, to a rather large number of submissions currently residing in our inbox. As people have taken the time to make the music and send it to us, we don’t want it to just sit and fester, unheard. So, as well as the usual stuff, this week will be backlog week where we aim to get to as much of the good stuff we’ve been sent as possible.

First up is this rather lively little instrumental from London based Frenchman, Pevin Kinel, “Dusty”. Self taught, self produced and self released (because “he doesn’t believe the copyright laws are appropriate but a big enough advance and a four albums deal from a major recording company could swing it”), there is a lot to enjoy here. It’s a light and bouncy electronic track, with a delightful little rhythm section that includes beats tapped out on a variety of pots and pans, very reminiscent in tone and, to a degree, sound of the playful nature of Mr. Scruff. Kinel also has a really endearing sense of humour, as a quick visit to his website will show.

The song is taken from his forthcoming album, Syntactic Sugar, which is due out in the Spring and will be preceded by another single and video. Take a listen below and if you like what you hear, click through for a free download

One Response to “Free Download: Pevin Kinel – “Dusty””

  1. name not supplied March 6, 2012 at 21:10 #

    i remember in Uni we made a music piece out of pots and pans it was really fucking good and we got an A for it…damn wish we had the Internet back in those days for posting stuff.

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