In Review: Tic Tic Boom – Before The Sun Rises EP

19 Mar

Conceived, created, crafted and finessed by Tic Tic Boom, Before The Sun Rises was brought to life in part thanks to the generosity of strangers via a PledgeMusic campaign. A hive mind Dr Frankenstein if you will, all of whom no doubt indulged in a cackle of delight, bellowing ‘it’s alive’ as the first bars of “For Feeling” explode out of the stereo.

Indeed, from that very first moment, donors are assured that they made a wise choice as they are assaulted by a barrage of laser sharp electronics and beats. Leilani Francisco’s vocals offer a soft, sweet counterpoint to the urgent, jagged sound but the energy never dissipates, the tempo barely drops. Brief respite is provided by “Ghost Of You”, a short, melodious dreamy whisper of a track before the really very Delphic sounding (which is a good thing) “Cells” kicks in.

Across the five tracks of Before The Sun, “Bees” and “Constellation Boy” complete the package, Tic Tic Boom has crafted an EP of delicious, vibrant electro-pop. Energetic and addictive, the EP blends beguiling pop hooks with pulsating club friendly synths. Depending on your sensibilities, you will most likely find yourself subconsciously nodding, singing choruses loud or cutting the most amazing shapes as you listen and enjoy. It is not an EP of passive sounds, it is an EP designed to be engaged with and it won’t settle for anything less.

Before The Sun will be released on 26 April and is currently streaming on the Tic Tic Boom Bandcamp page.

2 Responses to “In Review: Tic Tic Boom – Before The Sun Rises EP”

  1. The Weezer March 22, 2012 at 03:08 #

    So nice to hear a synth band playing real drums… and well done too. Especially like the soft vocals as counterpoint to driving beat. In fact a little less efx on vocals would be nice.

    Just finished reading book “Everything I Know About Business I learned From the Grateful Dead.” PledgeMusic is sooo Grateful Deadian.

  2. name not supplied March 24, 2012 at 20:45 #

    I couldn’t help thinking I could hear the noise my Speak n Spell made when it was switched on…this is very mental isn’t it. Its like its a kid with ADHD who then drank a shit ton of Sunny Delight, love it 🙂

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