Listen: New Conveyor Single – “Mane”

4 Apr

Ahh Conveyor, one of many reasons we yearn for a return visit to NYC and the surrounding area. This Brooklyn combo have been delighting us for a while now after we fell in love with their Sun Ray EP which came out last year. Since then they have brightened our January blues with the release of “Mukraker”, the lead single from their forthcoming debut album, tantalised us with this live performance of album track “Right Sleep” and now, made us all giddy with the release “Mane”.

While entirely identifiable as a Conveyor track, this second single from their not-going-to-be-released-soon-enough-as-far-as-we-are-concerned album showcases yet another strand of the sonic variety the band seems to be reveling in. The effervescent, folksy guitars dance, featherlite, gently leading us along the road towards summer.

Yes summer, it is not that far way and already we can hear the bright and twinkly “Mane” as we contemplate the soft haze of the late summer evening drawing in and the barbecue, its job long since complete, flickering out quietly. Loved ones sit, sated by the sumptuous feast presented for them. A few stragglers pick at the debris while children run and play, dragging sun-weary uncles and grandparents into their imagination, desperate to prolong the day and put off the inevitability of slumber.

You can scroll down for the releases details but in the meantime, take a listen for yourself and tell us what you think in the comments.

A white vinyl 7″ of “Mane” is released on the wonderful Gold Robot Records on 15 May and can be pre-ordered here. Alternatively you can download it now from their Bandcamp site. It’s available for free but it would be great if you could drop them a little cash to help keep the funds ticking over. Hopefully they will soon have enough for a UK tour…


One Response to “Listen: New Conveyor Single – “Mane””

  1. name not supplied April 17, 2012 at 20:43 #

    Its very hippie rock 🙂

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