In Review: Jack Robert Hardman – Jack Robert Hardman

11 Jun

We all know that music is cyclical. Styles come and go, slipping in and out of fashion with an ever increasing frequency. Despite this there has always remained a constant; the classic ‘three-minute pop song’, very much defined by the Beatles, always has a place not only in the mainstream charts but in the very soul of music itself. Of course, being three minutes long is not a guarantee of quality; it must be coupled with quality song-writing, catchy hooks and hummable melodies. This is where young singer-songwriter Jack Robert Hardman comes in.

In his eponymous debut album, Hardman embraces both the variety the musical cycle brings, and the consistency and quality of the classic pop tune. His two previously released singles, “Famous”, a Simon & Garfunkel-esque ballad of cracked beauty, and “Lights of London”, a light near-dance track full of bounce, had already hinted at his versatility, and he has gone further across the rest of the album.

A self confessed musical magpie, Hardman has found inspiration from the world and songs around him and built and evolved his own mosaic of sound. His soft falsetto is warm and rich like a cup of thick hot chocolate on a cold winter’s night and he flits from playful, on the utterly charming and swaysome “Conveyor Belt Of Love”, to ethereal, on the feather-soft “Plymouth”. Whichever style he employs though, the tracks are all catchy and will leave you feeling warm and happy.

In Short: A solid debut that embraces musical diversity without compromising on quality or hum-ability.

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Watch: Jack Robert Hardman – “Lights of London”

One Response to “In Review: Jack Robert Hardman – Jack Robert Hardman”

  1. name not supplied June 29, 2012 at 20:47 #

    I love this, I love the video. I love it so much I want to blanch my retinas in a soup of sepia and strut down Embankment

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