Free Download: April’s Ghost – “Bring You Down”

27 Jun

Descriptions can be tricky. Finding the words to convey what something does or how it sounds is not always as easy as you’d imagine. Writers and artists alike can agonise over the best way to describe the object of their attention or even themselves. Striving to come up with a way that will excite and inspire people to investigate further with language that conjures images and feelings, memories and fantasies.

Of course, ebullient and exuberant language, hyperbole and poetic licence are not always the best method of description. Sometimes less is more. A fact not lost on new Norwich four-piece, April’s Ghost, who describe themselves as ‘A rock band from Norwich UK’. And they are.

Below you can stream and download for free, their debut single, “Bring You Down”. First though, a couple of lines of description of our own that, we must confess, eschews the simplistic fact based style beloved by the band, and instead embraces the simile like it were a long lost love we never dare’d hope to see again.

“Bring You Down” is all high octane growl of guitars, pounding of drums and la la la la la’s. Vocalist Ellen, not April (nor is she a ghost for that matter), sings with a cool kid sneer and while not exactly floaty light, the comparative softness of her vocal offsets the ripsnorting sound of the band nicely. Yes, the guitar riff does get a bit Darkness in the middle but the low rumbley intro is awesome, like some kind of throaty engine noise from a tricked out American drag racer. The kind that makes you wonder for a moment if you’ve messed yourself as it pulls up alongside you on the street and the growl runs up through the floor and makes your stomach shudder, in a good way.

The lyrical waxing about the song has stopped now, you can hit play.

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One Response to “Free Download: April’s Ghost – “Bring You Down””

  1. name not supplied June 29, 2012 at 21:04 #

    yeah, that guitar has got that stroppy teenage hormonal mood swing, dyed its hair green and pierced its eyebrow just cause you told it not to attitude about it.
    love it 🙂

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