Watch: Jessie Ware – “Wildest Moment”

3 Jul

It is fast becoming apparent, with each new track, that Jessie Ware is destined to be this generation’s Sadé. Blessed with a velvet soft voice that just melts your heart, it’s no wonder she is generating so much buzz. It almost seems like the internet has fallen completely in love, and it’s no surprise.

In this latest video, for new single “Wildest Moment”, director Kate Moross has flipped 180 degrees from their last collaboration, “110%”. Gone are the vibrant colours and wide open spaces and in contrast we have a near monochrome video, encapsulated in a single frame. It’s another lovely clip for another lovely track.

“Wildest Moments” is now available on iTunes.
You can also buy tickets for her November UK Tour and pre-order her debut album, Devotion (out 20 August), from Amazon.

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One Response to “Watch: Jessie Ware – “Wildest Moment””

  1. name not supplied July 20, 2012 at 21:30 #

    she’s like a music box ballerina, its mesmerising

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