In Review: Exlovers – Moth

4 Jul

Three years after first attracting attention on the London scene, exlovers have finally released their debut album, Moth. You could, if you were so inclined, say they have finally emerged from their cocoon. That though would suggest that they have been hibernating, waiting for the long cold winter to pass and for warmer weather to come and awaken them from their slumber.

There are two main problems with that however; Peter Scott, Laurel Sills and the band have certainly not been hibernating, they have been working and striving to craft and finesse their sound for release. Also, while their music sounds perfectly suited to the sun-kissed days of summer, this is the UK, waiting for the sunshine is akin to resisting the Borg, futile.

Perhaps then Moth is perfectly suited to the British climate after all, as we hardly get any sun of our own we must embrace it vicariously through the warm melodies and, feather-light boy-girl harmonies contained within. The album has a decidedly vintage feel as well, like a memory of summers past, playing out as kids on those bright days that went on forever, all captured for posterity on camera. Close your eyes as you listen and you see lens flare, the dog-eared corners of old Polaroids, blue skies and endless smiles.

As well as blending their vocals with sumptuous effect, Scott, Sills et al have gone retro for inspiration. Like an instagram Bill & Ted, they’ve travelled back through time and plucked sonic nuggets from our past and brought them back to the present for our enjoyment. Surf-pop, indie-rock, dreampop, shoegaze, wobbly lo-fi riffs, they are all in there and together they sound lovely.

Moth is out now through the Young & Lost Club label and available digitally


One Response to “In Review: Exlovers – Moth”

  1. name not supplied July 20, 2012 at 21:52 #

    oh yes, we like the whispery sound here. lovely.

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