Listen: Summer Camp – “City”

4 Jul

As well as being crazy prolific (this is the third track from their forthcoming EP Always, which in turn follows hot on the heels of their fantastic debut album, Welcome To Condale) Summer Camp also have the capacity to surprise. Hands up who expected them to release a track featuring a rap from Odd Future’s Hal Williams (aka Pyramid Vritra)? Exactly, none of you.

Yet here we are, listening to the new song with a gaping hole on the side of our head where our mind has been blown. According to The Guardian Williams asked to remix one of their tracks and on receipt of “City”, he recorded a verse which they loved and kept.

To be honest, we are not 100% convinced by the rap, the swearing especially feels out of place but even without the guest verse, the track is brilliant. Elizabeth Sankey’s voice soars over the dark, evocative synths and is quite probably her finest performance so far. We have no idea where the video for this will go, and given recent form it could go practically anywhere, but we see Elizabeth on the dark streets of an 80’s era New York, surrounded by flashing neon signs, steam pouring up from the subway below and her vocal flying up into the night sky. We’ll be claiming royalties if that’s where they go with it.

Take a listen to “City” below.

Always is out 9 July via Moshi Moshi and you can pre-order signed copies on CD or blue vinyl

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One Response to “Listen: Summer Camp – “City””

  1. name not supplied July 20, 2012 at 21:48 #

    I see the video playing out as a montage of London streets, somewhere rubbish (yes Forest Gate, I’m looking at you) in the style of Springsteen’s Philadelphia. You can send MY royalties to PO Box Amazeballs, c/o The United State of AWESOME.

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