Watch: Seasfire – “Heartbeat”

4 Jul

Second guessing what goes through an artist’s mind can be pretty damn hard. Not in all cases though. In the case of Seasfire for example, we are pretty sure that at some point, when considering the video for their latest single “Heartbeat”, someone said, ‘you know what you don’t see in music videos anymore? Armour’.
And so it was that armour became the major player in this new promo for the track.

The guys have slowly been gathering plaudits from the likes of 6Music and Xfm over recent months who have acclaimed their atmospheric, electronic beats. We managed to catch them live at the Guardian New Band of the Day showcase a few weeks back and they put in a storming set which was much heavier than we anticipated. They are worth checking out if you get the chance, they are (as far as we know) yet to wear the armour on stage though.

“Heartbeat” will be released July 9th on Distant Records.

One Response to “Watch: Seasfire – “Heartbeat””

  1. name not supplied July 20, 2012 at 21:43 #

    Oh yes, I love a man in uniform. even if that uniform is circa 1480

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