Listen: Let’s Go Safari – “BYOB”

6 Jul

Let’s Go Safari say that they are “the Electro/Indie/Pop band that brought you Flowers, Chocolates and remembers your pet’s names”. Judging by new track “BYOB”, they may be sweet but they sure as hell aren’t innocent.

It’s pretty much the aural equivalent of the most rambunctious house party of your teenage years. People are doing that dance that is really just jumping up and down with your elbows out, chest bumping one another, drinking all the booze, and caring not one iota for any collateral damage they may cause.

To remove any doubt you may have, that’s good thing. A very good thing. Prepare to get your party on, but don’t forget to bring your own beer.

“BYOB” is out on 20 August via Red Dragon Records

One Response to “Listen: Let’s Go Safari – “BYOB””

  1. name not supplied July 20, 2012 at 22:15 #

    this song makes me think if Riders of the Storm (or A.N Other Doors track) had an
    adoring younger brother that followed it about and did that thing of repeating everything it said cause Big Brother is cooler…this song is that kid.
    in a nice way. not in a plagiarism way!
    but i know that description doesnt make it sound like that…erm, ok. its a giddy song that could use some Ritalin…but then it wouldnt be nearly as fun!

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