Watch: Florrie – “Shot You Down”

6 Jul

When you wake up in the morning and the only thing that is going round and round inside your head is “Thinking about it/Thinking about it/Thinking about it/Oooooh baby”, you know you’ve either had a pretty freaky dream or there is one hell of an earworm in there. You’ll no doubt be pleased to know it was the latter and it was “Shot You Down” by Florrie that was spinning repeatedly on the hamster wheel of our mind.

The lead single from her Late EP, which promises to be her last independent release before she goes all Major Label, “Shot You Down” is exactly the kind of slick, hyper catchy pop that we have come to love from her.

The video is a simple but classy affair, featuring Florrie in a pair of knee-high boots that could either be a nod to Nancy (her whole look is quite 60’s actually) or an attempt to improve her position in the FHM Sexiest Women countdown. Either way she looks great and the song is as infectious as ever.

She says she has two BIG tunes on the go for her debut album, we can’t wait.

You can buy the Late EP on CD and vinyl from the Florrie Shop or digitally on iTunes

One Response to “Watch: Florrie – “Shot You Down””

  1. name not supplied July 20, 2012 at 22:18 #

    I totally see the Nancy in this track, from the boots to the 60s outfits she’s wearing. I like it though, its a great song. totally infestatious of course.

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