Watch: Me, You & Thomas: “Blue Tin”

9 Jul

Me, You & Thomas is Rhianna Berarey and Joe Sherrin (we’re not sure which is me and which is you, but Thomas is Rhianna’s guitar), a couple of bright young things with big hair (Joe) and a doleful voice (Rhianna).

Hailing from Bristol, the pair have just released “Blue Tin” as their debut single, backed with AA track “Repeat”, and made their own video to go with it, which you can watch below.

The track itself features piano and guitar dancing hand in hand while Rhianna’s voice melts over it like ice-cream on a sunny day. Then, just as the track appears to be drawing to a close, the drums take over and we have a mini rock out in the sun. Lovely.

“Blue Tin” is available now on CD from Howling Owl Records.

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One Response to “Watch: Me, You & Thomas: “Blue Tin””

  1. name not supplied July 20, 2012 at 22:28 #

    its a strummy little song that we like, and a home movie music video to boot. whats not to like?!

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