Listen: Youan – “That Feel”

12 Jul

There has always been an air of mystique around the music world. In the past musicians seemed almost untouchable, residing on a higher plain beyond the comprehension and reach of us mortals who clamoured for their latest release like it were the elixir of life itself. Then came the Internet, Facebook, Twitter and the like and suddenly musicians were no longer intangible essences, they were real people, just like us, and they were accessible.

Recently, a number of artists have attempted to regain that mystery and generate buzz and interest by purposefully withholding information. iamwhoiamwhoami and MS MR kept and are keeping (respectively) their identities secret, to name but two. Even Summer Camp (who nowadays are more accessible to their fans than almost any other artists of their stature) used an alternate persona when they first started out. Their intention may well have been innocent, but it certainly didn’t discourage interest. Not knowing much about an artist naturally makes us more intrigued and in some cases more determined to find out whatever we can about them.

One such artist is Youan, a 22 year old producer from the UK who, well actually that’s all we know. Except, we know that Youan is a moderniser as this new track, “That Feel”, reaches back to UK Garage and drags it into the here and now. Here, and in his previous effort, “Promises”, he blends in hip-hop and even some elements of Dubstep to freshen up the sound and keep your head nodding as you listen.

We’re told there’s a mixtape coming at the end of August, until then we’ll have to keep guessing about who he is.

One Response to “Listen: Youan – “That Feel””

  1. name not supplied July 20, 2012 at 22:39 #

    the pool parties of Ibiza will inhale this track like (along with?) lines of china white, its ibiza fodder for sho.
    i like it though…the track.

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