Listen: Wall – “Magazine”

15 Aug

Like most of the UK, we here at Alphabet Bands got completely caught up in the euphoria and sheer amazingness of the Olympics this past fortnight, so much so that we totally forgot to post anything while it was on! As well as becoming fully immersed in pretty much every sport contested, no matter how obscure, bonkers or baffling, we rode the adrenaline charged wave that swept across the nation always the way to the very top. Now, with the games over, the flag passed on to Rio and the flame extinguished, the wave has run its course and we are left, coughing and spluttering on the shore, seaweed draped unattractively about our personage and not a single gold medal winning oarsman or sailor to be seen anywhere around. In short, come down is a bitch.

What we need is something to fill the gap, to help us get over this sense of loss. We need something calm and beautiful, something gentle to ease our wound and smooth the frayed edges of our heart. Enter Wall, a London-based producer and singer-songwriter specialising in intimate, minimalist electro-pop.

Utterly enchanting, her voice is as soft and refreshing as the cool side of the pillow and as fragile as crystal, perched delicately and perfectly atop her sparse, muted soundscapes. It’s no wonder her debut single, “Magazine” (which you can stream below) was snapped up for release by the label arm of Black Cab Sessions in double quick time.

Sport may have quickened our pulse these past two weeks, but it is music such as this that makes the hairs on the back of our neck stand up and sends a shiver down our spine.

“Magazine” will be released on 7″ via BCS Records on 3 September.

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One Response to “Listen: Wall – “Magazine””

  1. name not supplied October 14, 2012 at 15:47 #

    lovely dreamy whippy singing

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