Free Download: April’s Ghost – “Carlisle”

11 Sep

When last we spoke of April’s Ghost, the Ronseal-esque described ‘rock band from Norwich’, they were making our stomachs wobble with rawkus, grinding guitar lines on debut single, “Bring You Down”. Now (well a few weeks back really but who’s counting?) they have returned with another slice of straight up indie-rock.

The basic ingredients of “Carlisle” remain the same, growling guitars and pounding drums juxtaposed with softer yet no less attitudinal vocals reciting angst as if t’were poetry. The recipe has been translated from page to oven in an oh-so slightly different but crucial manner. The nuance is one of care and craftsmanship. Gone are the Darkness inspired riffs, and instead we are treated to something more structured and coherent. A solid and enjoyable indie-rock song that follows a path well tread and delivers.

There are some who may choose to complain that it does nothing new or challenging, but who ever said all music had to be different and complex? As many a baker has found to their cost, it is often better to do something simple and do it well rather than over reach and fall flat on your arse. For a young band just starting out, April’s Ghost are exactly where they should be, producing signature dishes of good music that people can enjoy. The showstoppers can come later.

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Free Download: April’s Ghost – “Bring You Down”

One Response to “Free Download: April’s Ghost – “Carlisle””

  1. name not supplied November 6, 2012 at 22:35 #

    I like these, really cool guitars, not angry guitars

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