Listen: Olympians – “It Was Words That Sunk Our Ship”

14 Sep

After the ridiculously successful and enthralling summer of sport enjoyed by the vast majority of the British public, you only need now say the word ‘Olympian’ and people get flustered, clutch their pearls and exclaim ‘oh my stars’. Such was the impact of the sporting extravaganza that even the post boxes turned to gold.

Prior to the greatest sporting event in the world ever(tm), while London 2012 was still something to be cynical about and G4S still thought they’d have enough security staff, another band of Olympians were hard at work, creating a Book Club and preparing for the adulation of baying crowds across the country. Not a book club like Oprah’s mind you, but rather a unique method of releasing a series of literary themed CD singles.

Over the course of the year, the half-Norwich, half-London based drone folk band has provided Book Club members with a hollowed out book in which to house four singles, as well as some more exclusive digital content not available anywhere else. Following the acclaimed “The Great Gatsby” and “The Dictionary”, single number three, “It Was Words That Sunk Our Ship” is full of rousing harmonies and popping rhythms layered over intricate guitar and synth lines.

With each new release the band seems to mature and evolve, creating more detailed and intelligent sounds and “It Was Words…” is no exception. Much like their sporting namesakes, Olympians have built up some real momentum and it should only be a matter of time before they translate that into medals. Well, musical medals anyway.

Click to get some CDs in a book from the Olympians Book Club.

Olympians In Session
In Session… Olympians – “From Your Head”
In Session… Olympians – “The Dictionary”


One Response to “Listen: Olympians – “It Was Words That Sunk Our Ship””

  1. name not supplied November 5, 2012 at 19:14 #

    I like these, they sound a bit Norman Conquest minstrel meets Doctor Who… in time travelling not Darlek fearing.

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