Listen: Public Service Broadcasting – “Everest”

14 Sep

“Why should a man climb Everest? Because it is there.”

After producing perhaps the EP of the year in the form of the stunning The War Room, we would have forgiven Public Service Broadcasting for putting their collective feet up, putting on a couple of old grampohone records and sipping brandy for the rest of the year. But the world of J Willgoose, Esq and Wrigglesworth remains in motion, and like Hillary as he began his ascent of Everest, the duo are aiming higher than ever.

The optimism of “Spitfire”, was a shaft of light breaking through the fear, horror and grief of The War Room. With “Everest”, it is a clear summer’s day, ebullient, uplifting and triumphant. The duo’s ability to convey mood and emotion through a combination of music and archive footage, this time from the 1953 documentary The Conquest of Everest in conjunction with Studio Canal Plus, is once again evidenced in magnificent fashion. The swell of brass at the tracks culmination brings the feeling of achievement and success to life and instills a sense of warmth and euphoria in the listener.

As if that wasn’t enough, “Everest” is educational as well! We certainly didn’t know it was simply called Peak 15 prior to its more famous Christening, and if you are learning while enjoying such stunning soundscapes, you can’t really ask for anything more.

“Everest” is out on 12 November and you can stream it below. The video, directed by Owain Rich, is available to watch here. The band’s debut album is due to be released in Spring 2013.

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One Response to “Listen: Public Service Broadcasting – “Everest””

  1. name not supplied November 5, 2012 at 19:18 #

    I flew to Everest, it is truly a fantastic awe-inspiring place, uplifting and the song is perfect. This comes out soon then?

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