In Session… Mahoney & the Moment – “Come Back for More”

19 Sep

As well as bringing us beguiling and enthralling folk-pop, Mahoney & The Moment are bringing us some firsts for the Alphabet Bands list. The duo is the first to throw some alliteration into the mix and is also the first of our featured bands to film a session for us.

Recorded in Hyde Park one Sunday morning in the midst of Olympic fever, what we all expected to be a bright and glorious day soon turned into something of a farce as first the rain, then helicopters, a large group of South American students and the wind all conspired against us. In this first session, Emily and Steve took advantage of a momentary break in the weather and fought to be heard above the aforementioned students who all stopped to watch, no fewer than three helicopters who all hovered above as they performed “Come Back For More” and a bunch of seagulls who wanted to sing along. Listen out for the lovely little Beatles reference in the middle.

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One Response to “In Session… Mahoney & the Moment – “Come Back for More””

  1. name not supplied November 5, 2012 at 19:04 #

    you got to love the general public and the environment interupting what you’re doing!

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