Listen: 2forJoy – “Michaela”

4 Oct

An empty stage, busy and bustling waiters slip between tables as patrons laugh, drink, laugh some more, the volume of the chatter is deafening, the club is heaving and everyone is fighting to be heard. The lights dim over the floor. A single spotlight illuminates an exotic looking woman standing alone on stage. The noise was such that no-one even noticed her arrive. She sings and the chatter stops. Laughter subsides as conversations are left unsaid on the lips of the now transfixed audience. Her voice is the only sound, hypnotic it floats out across the audience, wisp like it dances amongst them as they hang on every note.

As a scenario it may sound far-fetched but when you are as vocally blessed as Ruth Ivo, aka 2forJoy, it must happen all the time. Her online releases so far, the spellbinding “Choke” and disarming cover of Tom Waits’ “Green Grass”, have sent a shiver of excitement across the blogoshpere already. With her formal debut single, “Michaela”, she threatens to send us all into convulsions.

Here her voice is a lover’s caress, but in a relationship that is on the turn. Soft, gentle, exciting but somehow distant, melancholy as she sings of a lost friend. Intermittent electronics and percussion build a perfectly brooding, wistful atmosphere for Ivo’s vocals to melt into. It’s a wonderful piece of low-key, haunting pop music and one that will be absorbed and enjoyed by all who hear it.

“Michaela” is due for release on 23 October.

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One Response to “Listen: 2forJoy – “Michaela””

  1. name not supplied November 3, 2012 at 22:50 #

    oh we all have that friend who we miss, who we’ve moved away from for whatever reason or that friend who left us behind. so sad.

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