Review: MS MR – Candy Bar Creep Show EP

5 Oct

“This world is gonna burn. Burn, burn, burn”

Despite venturing out of what we imagine to be their underground MS MR lair to perform live and record sessions, we still don’t know much about the enigmatic New York duo of Lizzy and Max. Even their surnames are still secret!

One thing we have learned recently though, they do like to do things differently. As far as we are aware, no one else has ever drip fed their latest release, track by track, week by week, on Tumblr. Beyond that our knowledge is limited to the following key facts;

1. They like to dabble in the darker side of life.
2. They are damn good.

Earlier in the year we, like many others, came over all unnecessary when debut single “Hurricane” was released. Full of self-analysis, paranoia and the kind of inner-turmoil that can ruin a relationship, all the while oozing with infectious down-tempo pop; it was an instant favourite. What it didn’t do though, is prepare us for the twisted darkness of this ghoolish pair.

From the off we are plunged into a macabre world of glitchy electronics, incessant rhythms, swirling strings and deliciously gloomy vocal harmonies. With her very first lyric, Lizzy gives instruction to “Dig up the bones but leave the souls alone”, not the usual pop fare we’re sure you would agree. Yet despite the occult and sometimes sinister subject matter, this is not an EP of sparse, plodding despair. The ominous, disturbing tone of the songs do not seek to drag the listener, screaming, into the earth. Rather it is a vibrant, energetic concoction of dark and light that can be sung along with just as readily as it can be listened to by the light of a single candle. Tracks are vast, voluminous affairs, with layer upon layer of sound crafting aches, pains and heartbreak within their ample arrangements.

While it does nothing to lift the shroud of mystery that covers its creators, Candy Bar Creep Show reaffirms the excitement already generated by MS MR and leaves us quivering with anticipation at the prospect of a full album.

Candy Bar Creep Show is out now and available digitally or on ltd edition 7″ vinyl.

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One Response to “Review: MS MR – Candy Bar Creep Show EP”

  1. name not supplied November 3, 2012 at 22:45 #

    Dark Do Wop indeed, quite sad, melancholy . The Supremes with Depression, cheery nonsense that they did I love Hurricane as well

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