Watch: Prince – “Rock n Roll Love Affair”

24 Oct

We’ll let you into a little secret, we love Prince, properly bloody love him and his music. Ever since childhood, when blogging wasn’t even a word people knew and the internet was still a distant dream, our fandom has continued. We went three times to his 21 Nights in London residency and each show was different, and each show was amazing. Sure, he’s not the sexed up, salacious sleeze hound of old and that undeniable edge he once had has been replaced by a more genuine and slightly worrying eccentricity, but he can still play.

Let’s be clear though, our love of Prince doesn’t make us blind. His 20Ten album was an absolute stinker, not quite Chaos and Disorder bad but certainly Crystal Ball level awful. He is not held in such high regard that all is forgiven his awful tunage is beyond reproach.

With that in mind, it is pleasing to note that this latest track is a return to acceptably decent music. “Rock n Roll Love Affair” is a nice little blues-funk number that has all the hallmarks of recent Prince successes. Take a look at this performance from last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live (where he also covered Michael Jackson) and see what you think. Watch out too for the look Prince gives his backing singer/guitarist too when she appears to come in a little early, we bet she won’t be playing with his plectrum tonight.

Quick, before Prince convinces YouTube to take it down.

One Response to “Watch: Prince – “Rock n Roll Love Affair””

  1. name not supplied November 2, 2012 at 01:13 #

    oh bloody brilliant 🙂 old prince

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