Listen: HAIM – “Don’t Save Me”

25 Oct

If, like us, your dancing style is a little…

…then boy, do we have the perfect track for you. “Don’t Save Me” is the latest single from the LA sister-trio of HAIM, and by golly it’s catchy. Following hot on the heels of their debut EP, Forever, the track see’s the girls retain their folksy stylings but with added fluro-leggings and denim jackets with rolled-up sleeves. There is even a little Springsteen-esque rock thrown in as well.

It’s infectious and there is no inoculation. Hear it and you want to dance, either like our dear friend Carlton up there or, if you are slightly more cool, Tom Cruise in Risky Business. We can’t overstate it, it’s a great pop track that will have you up from your seat and grooving on.

“Don’t Save Me” is out in the UK on December 3rd and the girls are on tour in November. Check out their Facebook page for more details.

One Response to “Listen: HAIM – “Don’t Save Me””

  1. name not supplied November 1, 2012 at 23:48 #

    I couldnt think who the sound reminded me of…now I geddit.
    I mean this in a good way
    but its like Marvin Sparkles phoned up his cousin, Robin, and said “hey robin..its me, your cousin Marvin. Marvin Sparkles…you know that new sound you were looking for? Listen to this”


    in a good way 🙂

    * “wtf?”- people who have never watched how I met your mother

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