Watch: Rhye – “The Fall”

31 Oct

We can pretty much count all things we know about LA-based duo Rhye on one hand.

1. There’s two of them.
2. They are called Rhye.
3. They are from LA.
4. They released a lovely three track EP, Open earlier this year.
5. They are releasing another lovely EP on 12 November.

Ok, two hands then.

6. One of them is called Milosh.
7. They are planing an album for next year.
8. They originally planned to work together on a remix but decided to make their own music as well because they got on so well.
9. They really do make some blummin’ gorgeous sounds.
10. They have a new video out.

We should have called this post, 10 Things We Know About Rhye shouldn’t we?

Anyway, new single, “The Fall” is a velvet smooth recounting of a relationship that is crumbling and the ache to feel just one moment more of tenderness; “My love, make love to me one more time before you go away” is the lament. Visual life has been breathed into that feeling by Director Daniel Kragh-Jacobsen who has crafted a Bill Murray – Scarlett Johansson vibe for his “grass is always greener” style video.

It is a wonderful clip that perfectly fits and encapsulates the feeling of the song, so much so in fact that we can’t hear it anymore without picturing the video. It has become that synonymous with the track in our head. Take a look and see what you think.

Rhye release The Fall EP on November 12th via Innovative Leisure / Polydor and it is available digitally and for pre-order on 12″ Vinyl via the Rhye website.

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One Response to “Watch: Rhye – “The Fall””

  1. name not supplied November 1, 2012 at 22:30 #

    mmmm…i love the song, I’m a bit torn by the video. Obviously the wife has a severe case of atrophy of the sense of the humour, but i’m not sure i am ok with the guy coming across, well a little bit Jimmy over the younger girl. Still, probably imagining it. its a good story in the video, peace out.

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