‘E’ is for Empress Of

1 Nov

Anonymity is very much de rigour at the moment with being mysterious and not giving anything away very much a favoured skill of many a new artist. A much more difficult skill is managing to retain that air of mystery whilst still providing enough quality material and information to get people hooked and wanting more. It is not an easy line to take but one that Brooklyn based artist and musician Lorely Rodriguez is treading with her latest project, the dreamy Empress Of.

Since the beginning of October, the Celestial Shores singer has teased listeners by uploading a series of musical snippets from her solo project, usually not much more than a minute long, to YouTube with nothing more than a plain coloured background as the video. Now numbering 15 in total, she has about 30 on her hard drive apparently, these ‘colourminutes’ are in effect demos of tracks with a couple having already evolved into full length pieces. The first of which is the floaty, wispy “Don’t Tell Me” which drifts and wanders through the vast cosmos leaving a trail of hazy pop as it goes. It is mesmeric, beautiful and ridiculously easy to get lost in.

A second track, “Champagne” (backed with “Don’t Tell Me”) will be released on limited edition 7” vinyl on Monday 5 November (details on how to order are at the end of the post).

Lorely describes Empress Of as a project of both “sight and sound”, which gives some context to the use of plain colours as her videos and when speaking to The Pheonix recently, she gave some more background to the concept of the ‘colourminutes’.

“I’m a victim of never wanting to commit myself to anything longer than a couple minutes at a time, so that was part of the motivation behind this project”, she explained. ”The musical process was more of an exercise though. I gave myself a format: 1 minute of musical content and a deadline, usually 1-2 days to finish writing, recording and mixing. The end result was a collection of intimate demos that I decided to share with everyone”.

We are glad she has. They may only be about one minute long, but each micro-track gives us a glimpse of her sensual, electronic pop music and excites us for what is to come next. Rumour has it there will be a video for “Don’t Tell Me” coming soon so watch this space for that, and Lorely is keen to play some live shows, we can only hope she brings them to the UK as well.

“Champagne” is released by No Recordings on 5 November on limited edition (only 250 copies) 7” vinyl. You can order your copy now.

B-side, “Don’t Tell Me” is currently also available to download for free.

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One Response to “‘E’ is for Empress Of”

  1. name not supplied November 1, 2012 at 22:19 #

    lovely dreamy choon. 80s synthy and electric. nice.

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