Watch: Kat Parsons – “Love Changes Everything”

7 Nov

At this time of year, with the clocks gone back, the rain coming down, the nights drawing in and the frikking freezing reaching parts that generally need to be kept snug and warm at all times, we could do with a bit of bright sunshine as an antidote to the onset of the gloom of winter. Thanks to the indie-pop of Kat Parsons, we can all have some.

Unashamedly chipper and cheerful, her latest single “Love Changes Everything” is like a shot of pure sunshine, straight to the heart. The more cynical amongst us may find its near euphoric and optimistic sound a little jarring but we are not ashamed to say that we got totally caught up in it. It’s a giant Cheshire Cat sized grin of a song.

The video too, which you can see below, is awash with colour and glee (not the TV show). Bold, confident colours fill the screen as Kat and pals dance, sing and smile all over the place. It culminates in a choreographed set-piece reminiscent in style of one from Disney’s Enchanted, it’s just that damn happy. There’s even a kitten in it, winning Kat extra internet points.

“Love Changes Everything” is available as a free download on taken from the Kat Parsons website where you will also find her latest EP, Oh.

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One Response to “Watch: Kat Parsons – “Love Changes Everything””

  1. name not supplied November 15, 2012 at 21:28 #

    If I was to a draw a Venn diagram, with “The Happiest Place On Earth” in the right sphere and “Once Upon A Dream” in the left sphere, Kat Parsons would fit in the overlapping, somehow- now-heartshaped, space in the middle.
    Brilliant stuff.

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