Review: Milly Hirst – Milly Hirst EP

12 Nov

Becoming an overnight success can often take much longer than we might appreciate. It is possible that, after years and years of hard work and gigging, Milly Hirst could have wondered if it would ever happen. Now, after the release of a live EP, Equator, earlier in the year and radio play from Gideon Coe on 6Music, it must feel like everything is happening all at once. To top it all off she has just released her debut studio EP, the eponymous Milly Hirst.

Blessed with a voice that is soft as a mother’s touch, yet rich and emotive, this young singer from Norwich has the capacity to melt hearts with her beguiling folk songs. The minimalist nature of the arrangements belies their complex musical dexterity, complementing the tone and content of each song. On “Tides” for example, the backing vocals murmur and hum like the sea caressing the beach and gently fading away once more. Each track has been considered, crafted with a care and attention oft forgotten with the increased prominence of music making software packages. Each brush on a drum, pluck of guitar string or draw of bow on violin is done so to add meaning.

Hirst sings with her soul, of love, longing, pain, melancholy and joy. Its close your eyes and sing-along as it washes over you music. “Rose”, in particular, is sublime. As delicate as its subject, wistful and heartfelt it leads you, floating to meet this Rose, to see her and understand her. Its porcelain fragility is divine.

It may have taken a number of years for her to get to this point, but with this debut EP, Milly Hirst has announced herself as an enchanting new talent whose music deserves to be fallen in love with.

The Milly Hirst EP is out now on Bare Feet Records and is available on her href=”” target=””_new””>Bandcamp page.

Stalk Milly Hist: Bandcamp / Facebook / Twitter


One Response to “Review: Milly Hirst – Milly Hirst EP”

  1. name not supplied November 15, 2012 at 21:39 #

    This is beautiful, almost like the subject lives right in the House Of The Rising Sun, very strummy, power-folk !

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