2013 Preview: Listen Out For – Kites

21 Nov

In what is fast becoming a theme in our look at bands to listen out for in 2013, the last year has been quiet for Kites in terms of music released. Only one single, “This Jumped Up Boy In Livery”, has been made available and even that was originally posted online back at the end of 2011. What was new this year was the video to accompany the track (which you can watch below) and some cracking remixes.

What Kites have done in 2012 though is display shrewd judgement and a little bit of genius, all without the need for new tunes. Like their music, the approach has one that blends retro methodologies with modern technology. They have introduced themselves to a new audience through their gigs, both headline and well considered support slots, then interacted with and hoovered them up as new fans on social media.

The genius part has been the association with the Huffington Post and lead singer Matthew’s regular blog about anything. Again, it is profile raising, building a new audience using his considerable skill as a wordsmith to connect with people who otherwise wouldn’t have heard of them, getting them interested in him and driving them to seek out Kites’ eloquent and entertaining electro-pop.

All this fan-hoarding should reap its rewards in 2013 with more shows on the horizon, the release of “Orwell Knows” (their first new track since signing a publishing deal with Eagle-i-Music), a remix of a the new Maximo Park track and even a new member joining the band. It feels very much like the ground-work has been done in 2012 and the assault will begin in 2013.

“This Jumped Up Boy In Livery” is available now from iTunes

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One Response to “2013 Preview: Listen Out For – Kites”

  1. Name not supplied December 28, 2012 at 21:35 #

    I like these, even though in this video he looks like something Pepe Le Pew would fall in love with in a Loony Tunes cartoon……

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