2013 Preview: Listen Out For – Spring Offensive

27 Nov

This year is certainly ending on a high for our latest band to Listen Out for. As if being responsible for some of our most loved tracks of the year, including our current favourite “Not Drowning but Waving”, was not enough, Spring Offensive was last week named BBC Introducing in Oxford’s Band of the Year.

This came after the five piece had received an abundance of critical acclaim for their music, became embroiled in a mini-controversy over the use of pseudo-sign language in the video for “Worry Fill My Heart”, toured both the UK and Europe playing to packed venues and house parties as well as releasing a couple of 7” with some rather delightful handmade accoutrements.

One of the reasons for the acclamation by so many is the simple honesty in the song-writing. “Worry…,” for example, deals with the banality of being in a dead-end job and the stifling claustrophobia of the economic situation we find ourselves in. Simply and eloquently it expresses the feeling of impotence many suffer as they live hand to mouth doing a job they dislike for people they hate with no stimulation available at all. Even when they deal with (what we hope to be) a more fantastical situation in “Not Drowning…” they are still able to tell the tale with conviction and sincerity.

Musically we love their use of harmony to convey the emotion of the song, adding drama, heartbreak, guilt with simple yet so effective dexterity. The tracks are exquisitely crafted with the guitars and rhythms layered in perfect synergy with the mellifluous vocals to create songs that are both sing-a-longable and lose-yourself-inable. 2012 was a good year for Spring Offensive, 2013 should be even better.

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One Response to “2013 Preview: Listen Out For – Spring Offensive”

  1. Name not supplied December 28, 2012 at 21:46 #

    With “worry fill my heart” it’s like watching my mundane world set to music.

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