2013 Preview: Listen Out For – Seasfire

3 Dec


In our 10 previous Listen Out For posts so far, we have spoken about the varying busyness or not of the acts we have featured. Some have been quiet release wise, focusing on gigs and studio time while others have put a lot of tracks out and gathered radio play and blog support. Seasfire haven’t chosen one or the other; they have been doing it all.

The band itself, comprised of four like-minded gents from Bristol, has only been around for just over a year so to have crammed in so much in such a short period of time is impressive. There have been singles, videos, blog love and gigs a-plenty including a slot at the Guardian’s New Band of the Day Live and a number of support slots on tours (they are currently on tour with Bastille). In the last few weeks the excitement level has hit 11 for the band as “We Will Wake” rocketed to the top of the Hype Machine chart, they recorded a session for Radio 1 and today, they release the We Will Wake EP.

As you’d expect, it is full of atmospheric melodies, and dark glitch electronics. Josh Thorn’s vocals are whisper like they are so soft, adding another haunting layer to the sound. There’s something a little new here as well, be it a further evolution of the band or wider influences seeping through. Their live performances offer a slightly rockier edge than you’d expect and such elements are now making their way into the studio. “You Won’t Be” for example features some fairly angular guitar sounds butting up against the smooth electronic polish. “Human Sacrifice” too, an early Seasfire demo that has been re-produced and tarted-up (technical term) for this EP, is rougher around the edges than perhaps we are used to. There’s even a little bit of Foals-esque funky math-rock creeping into “How Do You Sleep”. It’s good to hear.

The band clearly aren’t prepared to rest on their laurels and keep producing the same song time after time, nor are they stupid enough to jettison what has fast become their trademark sound. On We Will Wake, the blend is spot on not only does it show Seasfire are capable of living up to the hype, it bodes really well for what promises to be a pretty big year for the guys.

The We Will Wake EP is out today via Cheap Thrills.

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Read More: Listen: Seasfire – “We Will Wake” / Watch: Seasfire – “Heartbeat”

One Response to “2013 Preview: Listen Out For – Seasfire”

  1. Name not supplied December 28, 2012 at 21:59 #

    They have achieved lots of hype already so 2013 will be brilliant

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