2013 Preview: Listen Out For – Florrie

4 Dec


We’ve been writing about Florrie for a while now. Our love of her hook laden electro-pop with 60’s stylings pre-dates even Alphabet Bands as you know it today. In fact, we first featured her while we were still writing in American English (just never use the letter ‘u’) for our good friends at 411 Mania. So you could argue that her presence on a list like this is long overdue, and you’d be half right.

The stage has seemed set for the one-time house drummer for Xenomania to step up and conquer the pop world for a while now. Regular and positive support, led by the likes of Popjustice, her own enthusiasm and, of course, the quality of her tunes, has seen her profile rise. She has featured prominently on iTunes charts across the world and regularly plays to large, sell-out crowds in Europe and beyond.

Famously her method has always been to work her way, to give her music away for free or for as cheaply as possible and to use her side projects (modelling for example) to fund her music. That probably helped in creating an initial connection with fans, but it did leave us wondering what would come next and when. In May this year everything changed as Florrie announced that, having steadfastly refused thus far, she was signing with a major label. Now the stage is truly set for her.

She is, without question, incredibly talented and makes fantastic pop music. Add in her model looks and she has what the industry would no doubt refer to as ‘the total package’. With the backing from a major, there is no reason at all why she cannot reach the kind of heights that require breathing equipment on arrival. We love her music and by the end of 2013, we fully expect to be just one of millions of people who do.

You can buy Florrie’s EP’s on CD and vinyl from the Florrie Shop or digitally on iTunes.

Stalk Florrie: Website / Facebook / Twitter / SoundCloud


One Response to “2013 Preview: Listen Out For – Florrie”

  1. name not supplied December 29, 2012 at 19:58 #

    i love Shot You Down, so Nancy S.

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