2013 Preview: Listen Out For – The Good Natured

6 Dec

The Good Natured

As we near the end of our look ahead to 2013 and some of the artists we think you might like to Listen Out For, we turn to another full on pop act. The Good Natured have been on many people’s radars for quite some time having originally formed in 2008 and threatened to break out in 2011 when they signed to Parlaphone and released the fantastic Skeleton EP.

The anticipated explosion didn’t come as the band actually seemed to take a step back in 2012, preparing for an album that is now just around the corner. That is not to say they did nothing in the last 12 months, far from it. In February, for Valentine’s Day in fact, they offered up a free download of “Raindrops”, a heartfelt lament full of yearning and aching. The sentiment may be pure pop fodder but the delivery is haunting and atmospheric, a departure from their usual high energy noir-pop.

They have also been working with the legendary Dave Clarke, gigging and covering the Fine Young Cannibals, and why not? Finally, in the last week, they also released online the first single from the forthcoming album, “5-HT”. The track is quite possibly bigger and more frenetic than anything they have done before with a definite mainstream dance feel to it.

One thing that has not changed, whatever the sound, is the vocals of Sarah McIntosh. We just love the way she sings, with a slightly kooky pronunciation and inflection and, on “Skeleton” in particular, a raw sexual energy. She sounds fantastic and is perfectly suited for the kind of dark energetic pop music they make so well. It may be slightly later than had originally been expected but 2013 is looking very much like the year The Good Natured takes the charts by storm.

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  1. name not supplied December 29, 2012 at 20:09 #

    yeah, we like these.

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