Listen: Swim Deep -“The Sea”

18 Jan

swim deep

All around us is snow, deep, cold snow. It has played havoc with the travel infrastructure and practically made bits of us freeze up and break off. It’s not been a pleasant experience. But as we huddle in our many, many layers whilst marveling at the -10 currently displayed on the phone’s weather app, a blast of bright sunshine washes in to save us.

Swim Deep have been brigaded as part of the B-Town scene, which is all well and good, but with “The Sea” they are stepping out on their own. Full of warmth, it is a bright blue sky of summery haziness that warms our cockles. With tinges of Lynyrd Skynyrd amongst the fuzzy guitars and bouncy percussion it makes you think beach, and speedboats, straw hats and bermuda shorts. It’s a wonderful summery jam and the perfect antidote to the biting cold that is currently engulfing much of the country.

“The Sea” is out on March 4th on Chess Club / RCA Victor.

One Response to “Listen: Swim Deep -“The Sea””

  1. name not supplied March 10, 2013 at 23:32 #

    This track makes me wanna have a brightly coloured drink with an umbrella in it. Damn You, Internet, for not making cocktails downloadable. I loved it. Its brilliant.

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