Introducing: Day Joy

21 Jan

Day Joy

In our time writing about music over the last couple of years, both here and elsewhere, we have learnt that are a few undeniable truths. Justin Bieber fans are certifiably bonkers, there is more music to listen to than there are hours in the day and if Small Plates Records sign a band, it’s because they are fantastic.

Enter then Day Joy, a recent addition to the Small Plates roster and craftsmen of fine dreamy folk music. Based in Orlando, the group began as the duo of Michael Serrin and Peter Michael Perceval III ”writing on the porch late at night” but has since grown to a five-piece and even moved indoors (to the lounge apparently) to write and record.

They say that it was the result of the move, and some liquor, that their sound ”developed into the lush and layered recordings you hear now”. Regardless of the cause, the outcome is one we should all be rejoicing. Songs trickle gently along, rippling before they unexpectedly swell and rise; lifting you high and carrying you away on a beautiful tide of delicate emotion.

Their spectral melodies create a sense of blurriness, like the world seen through rain speckled glasses. Your mind is distorted and made fuzzy by the echoing, swirling sounds and vocals as they shimmer and float on the breeze. Amongst the haze and the echo, bubbling elements of folk, country and pop can be heard, along with subtle but persuasive rhythms, strings and synths. It is a heady and intoxicating combination and getting lost within this dreamy soundscape, as the world passes by unnoticed and unblemished, is a dangerously easy thing to do.

Day Joy’s debut album, Go To Sleep Mess, is out on 12 February via Small Plates Records and can be pre-ordered here.

Stalk Day Joy: Facebook / Twitter /Bandcamp /SoundCloud /Big Cartel

One Response to “Introducing: Day Joy”

  1. name not supplied March 10, 2013 at 23:36 #

    Lovely plinky tune, a wind down tune 🙂

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