Listen: MS MR – “Fantasy”

28 Jan

MS MR Fantasy

Ahh MS MR, the marvellous and hypnotic MS MR. Ever since we first heard their debut track, “Hurricane”, we have been enraptured by their dark, glitchy pop music and love of the macabre. We weren’t the only ones and with the release of their fantastic debut EP, Candy Bar Creep Show, this Brooklyn duo soon became one of the most talked about and sought after acts of 2012.

That doesn’t look like changing in 2013 either with the announcement that their debut album, Second Hand Rapture, will be released 14 May in the U.S. on Columbia Records. Presumably it will be out in the UK on 13 May but we haven’t had confirmation on the exact date yet. What we do know is that the first track from it is “Fantasy”, which will be released on 10 March and which you can stream below.

Featuring Lizzie’s now trademark husky vocals, “Fantasy” feels bigger and more vibrant than their previous tracks. They are painting from a broader palette and the result is a wonderful explosion of pop colour. The drums are incessant, driving pulsating rhythms that do evoke memories of Florence and the Machine. Then again, there are bits that, to our mind, sound a bit like Shakira, so what do we know?

Well, one thing we are certain of is that MS MR are the real deal and we expect that the buzz around them will just keep on getting (justifiably) bigger.

MS MR’s Candy Bar Creep Show EP is available digitally or on ltd edition 7″ vinyl.

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One Response to “Listen: MS MR – “Fantasy””

  1. name not supplied March 10, 2013 at 23:55 #

    I like this, its dirty pop music and it doesnt apologise. Dear Mr Cowell, THIS is what X Factor sounds like, but they are too bloody good for you.

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