‘D’ is for The Disraeli Gears

30 Jan

Disraeli Gears

It’s been a little while since we revealed a new member of our fabled Alphabet Bands, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been looking out and listening, we’re just fussy is all. We’ve actually been planning this addition for a little while now, ever since they got in touch at the beginning of December with just one song to share, it was enough to get our attention and at the end of just that first play, we knew we had found our ‘D’. Multiple plays later and that initial love hadn’t abated so we fired off an email asking for more tracks and were not disappointed.

The Disraeli Gears, named after the classic Cream album, make a dreamy kind of indie music that swirls around inside your head, jiffling your mind in an entirely pleasant way. It’s fuzzy and atmospheric but still has the propensity to give you a good rockin’ as well. Debut track, “Skeleton” for example, the one they first hooked us in with, broods for around four minutes, with Teia Fregona’s wistful vocals floating over the light haze of guitars and beats, before escalating into a whirlwind of proggy, shoegazey riffs and crashing drums.

The band’s genesis began in 2008 when Teia emigrated from South Africa to London and met up with guitarist Tom Kitson. The pair has been writing ever since but it wasn’t until 2011 that they decided to form a band, just as Tom was due to move to Leeds. The timing could have been better but it worked out quite well with Tom’s childhood friend, Alex Moorse, joining on drums and Sam Delves (who we’re reliably informed is part-wizard) picking up the bass. We also know that their favourite Muppet Movie is Muppets In Space though we won’t hold that against them (Muppets Christmas Carol is clearly the best).

While the music of the Muppets may not have influenced the band, there are many that have and they name-check the likes of Local Natives, St. Vincent, Jeff Buckley and Pink Floyd as being chief among them. All of whom are present to a point but not to such an extent that makes it obvious. There is no simple aping of a hero or two, the foursome have used their influences as a chef uses seasoning, just a pinch to add to the flavour.

The recently released “Hieroglyphs”, is another slice of shimmering, swooshing alt-rock that gets under your skin. It’s quite compelling, with Teia’s swoony ah-ah-ahs floating dreamily above the dirtier, earthen melodies beneath. Her refrain of “We always wear our hearts on our sleeve” repeating as the track fades, fades, fades; repeating in your head long after it’s done. On “Back of My Eyes” the band shows off a little more urgency and drama amongst the haze as it rises and falls like waves crashing on the shore then drifting gently back to sea.

Listening to The Disraeli Gears is like turning down the sharpness on the world, everything is just out of focus, all soft and distorted slightly. It’s fantastic.

The Disraeli Gears are currently unsigned; check their facebook for gig details and get free downloads of their first two songs, “Skeleton” and “Hieroglyphs”, below.

Stalk The Disraeli Gears: Soundcloud / Bandcamp / Youtube / Facebook / Twitter

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  1. name not supplied March 11, 2013 at 00:05 #

    Cool, we like these

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