Listen: Benbrick – “Beyond That Nothing”

7 Feb


Amongst the hustle and bustle, the hurly and the burly and the general warp-speed world that we all seem to live in these days, it can be difficult to find time to step back and evaluate life. It can even harder to find time to relax and just breathe. It is worth doffing one’s cap then to Benbrick as he has managed to do both on his latest track, the wistful and heartfelt “Beyond That Nothing”.

Benbrick is the artist pseudonym of London based producer-songwriter Paul Carter, who has recently found success in Japan with the Platinum selling single “Sakura Nagashi”. While that track featured on the closing credits of latest movie instalment of the insanely popular Evangelion anime series, “Beyond That Nothing” deals with much more personal matters.

A gentle piano refrain is layered with a passing synth note as Carter’s delicate and emotional vocal glides along. “There’s still some things that I’m trying to get over / Like how I always hold on / When all you do is hold back / Like how I should forgive you / For how you didn’t give”

Your mind conjures images of a man outside in the dark looking up at a window, a single silhouette passing by as the song treads softly as a lover on the eggshells of a failing relationship. Never rushing, never losing sight of what is important; it is gentle and full of emotion. The beat only picks up to a light jog as the chorus builds then fades once more as the synths shimmer around it.

Synth-pop has become synonymous with grand, soaring choruses and beats but with “Beyond That Nothing” Benbrick has shown that it can be understated and subtle and still utterly beautiful.

“Beyond That Nothing” is available for free download below and the debut Benbrick EP, Closer | Closure will be out soon.

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One Response to “Listen: Benbrick – “Beyond That Nothing””

  1. name not supplied April 6, 2013 at 00:51 #

    what a great track, a candle flicker of a track, soft and captivating.

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