Listen: Spark Alaska – “Feel The Flowers”

20 Feb

Spark Alaska

What do you get if you take a two-year old American to live in Brussels (that’s Belgium by the way) until he is 18, then move him back to the States to study at Syracuse University (that’s New York by the way)?

Nope, it’s not a joke but the back story of Lorenzo Cook, aka Spark Alaska.

At just 18, Lorenzo appears to have been making music and covering others for quite some time (judging by his prodigious use of YouTube at least) and on “Feel The Flowers”, it shows. It may sound simple but there is a hidden complexity to the arrangement of this infectious pop-folk tune, with multiple guitar lines and vocals layered upon one another. He uses imagery in his writing with joyous abandon but it never feels hackneyed or immature, it sounds as if it should have been written by someone much older.

We should really hate someone so young and clearly so talented but watching the accompanying video, you can’t help but warm to Lorenzo and his friends as they lark about in a montage of self-shot footage from various situations. Plus, we have a feeling that whistle is going to be heard around the office for weeks to come.

”Feel The Flowers” is out now and available for download from the Spark Alaska Bandcamp page for as little as $1.

Stalk Spark Alaska: Facebook / Twitter / Tumblr / Bandcamp

One Response to “Listen: Spark Alaska – “Feel The Flowers””

  1. name not supplied April 6, 2013 at 01:16 #

    this is a very jolly song for folky music…not whiff of corn dolly making or maypole dancing nonsense! its poppy, whistly joyousness

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