Listen: Public Service Broadcasting – “Signal 30”

26 Feb

psb signal 30

As we come to the end of the month, it seems appropriate that we return to how we started it and post something about Public Service Broadcasting. Regular readers will know that we have been championing the music of J. Willgoose, Esq and Wrigglesworth for some time now and it’s been pleasing to see more and more people talking about them in recent weeks. First it was because they were giving away a free download of the reworked classic, ”New Dimensions In Sound”, and now because of the online release of another live favourite, “Signal 30”.

It’s based on a number of American films, including The Bottle And The Throttle and None For The Road and gets its title from a 1950s American road safety film, which the duo say is ‘notoriously grisly’ and ‘not for the faint of heart’. So one for the Lovefilm list then.

As you’d expect given the subject matter, “Signal 30” is a highly charged, rip-snorter of a track. It brilliantly evokes the sense of speed and drama, hurtling along at a breakneck pace with the guitars revving and growling like an engine. Underneath the archive footage adds some aggression and road rage to what is already an adrenaline fuelled rush of sound. Listen to this in the car and you could well end up breaking every speed limit there is; listen to it at home and you’ll want to go driving. It’s a heart-pounding ride and just continues to raise the excitement levels for the forthcoming PSB album, Inform – Educate – Entertain, which is released on 6 May.

”Signal 30” will be released as a limited edition 7″ (on orange vinyl) for Record Store Day on 20 April. A “Signal 30” video is also on the cards for release in the next few weeks. Meanwhile the epic 46 date PSB tour is underway and you can buy tickets for all dates here.

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One Response to “Listen: Public Service Broadcasting – “Signal 30””

  1. name not supplied April 6, 2013 at 01:41 #

    this is brilliant, love all the old public broadcasts and their interpretation of it!

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