Tracks Of My Teens: #1 – Alphabet Bands

26 Feb

Tracks Of My Teens

We’d been thinking for a while now, we spend so much time talking about the music our favourite acts are making, and the new sounds we are loving, yet we hardly ever look back to the sounds of the past. The sounds that we, or indeed our favourite acts, loved way back when. The sounds that made us fall in love with music, had a profound impact on our life or even that we associate with special or important memories.

We thought we should do something about that, and open up the vaults so to speak. So we have invited musicians, bloggers, promoters and the like to talk to us about the music they loved in their formative years in what we hope will be a regular feature, Tracks of my Teens. In the spirit of not asking people to do something you wouldn’t do yourself, we are going first with the three tracks from his youth that had the biggest impact, in one way or another, on Editor Adam H.

Belly – “Feed The Tree”
“Feed The Tree” may not have been the most startlingly brilliant piece of indie to come out of the nineties (to be fair, it wasn’t even the best track that Belly recorded), but it had a massive impact on my musical life as hearing it led to my first ever experience of live music.
I’d seen Belly perform “Feed The Tree” on Friday night ‘youth TV’ show, The Word and thought they were great. I went out and bought the album, Star and fell in love with Tanya Donnelly’s soft vocals as they contrasted with the sharp guitar sound. Such was my enthusiasm that I got a bunch of mates together to go see them at the Junction in Cambridge, way back on 24 February 1993 (support was from The Cranberries, before they hit the big time). I was blown away by the experience of seeing a band like that live, the rawness of the sound, the proximity of the group to and the interaction with the crowd and of course, the crowd reaction, jumping up and down, dancing and singing along with each of the songs. I was hooked and haven’t looked back since.

Tori Amos – “Cornflake Girl”
This is quite a personal one, though that is pretty much the point of this feature, so please indulge me. This is a song that I shall forever associate with my first girlfriend. We started going out around the time Amos’ Under The Pink was released and “Cornflake Girl” was everywhere. She (I’ll spare her blushes and not reveal her name) was a big fan and would play the album again and again, along with her Blind Melon album, the one with the girl dressed a bit like a bee on the front. So while it may not have had a huge influence on me per-se, it is a track that I shall forever associate with my teenage years.

David Bowie – “Space Oddity”
Don’t worry, I’m not some medical marvel who managed to be a teenager in two different decades. This feature is about tracks that had a profound effect on you when you were a kid, not about when they were released. I first heard “Space Oddity” on the school bus one morning. The driver would let people put music on his tape player and the bigger kids, the sixth-form students who sat at the back and looked so very different to the rest of us fresh-faced oiks in our uniforms, would take advantage of this and bring in tape after tape to play. The one they kept coming back to was a compilation, which I presume one of them had made at home, of tracks from the late 70’s and early 80’s. Alongside Pink Floyd’s “The Wall”, “Space Oddity” really took hold of me. It was like nothing I had ever heard before in my life, it was amazing, incredible and it began my never-ending love affair with the music of David Bowie. That evening, after school, I ransacked my Dad’s record collection to see if he had “Space Oddity” or anything else of Bowie’s. He did and it took him years to get it back.

So there we go, we’ve given you a small insight into our musical history, come back soon when we will have our first trip down memory lane with an actual real musician.

One Response to “Tracks Of My Teens: #1 – Alphabet Bands”

  1. name not supplied April 6, 2013 at 01:40 #

    my teens included some long sunday drives with my dad, mum and all the kids and a couple of additional mates or three crammed illegally into a Vauxhall Astra Estate and tearing up the countryside to Bat Out Of Hell 2. The occasional Bon Jovi and of course that god awful song on the radio for 16 weeks, followed by the other song on the radio for 15 weeks…..

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